Dental tourism with iSmile Dental Clinic

A new smile and a trip to the City of Flowers

We’re looking forward to receiving patients from all around the world. That’s why we’re offering professional solutions to any of your dental problems, and giving you the opportunity to travel to the most important city of Western Romania. We’re welcoming you to Timisoara, soon-to-be European Capital of Culture (in 2023), with modern dental solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Our team of doctors are dedicated to progress, revolutionary treatments and achieving performance in dental science, proving the quality of their work throughout a 14-years’ experience. 

“We believe that the best results can be obtained only by adding friendship to the passion you put in your work.” 


Confidence comes from a smile

We’re not only passionate about dentistry, but also about finding the perfect communication with our patients, because we understand that a medical procedure should be delicate. This guides our focus towards treating our patients with kindness and care, offering minimally invasive and pain-free treatments. 

iSmile Dental Clinic was founded in 2016, receiving an award for the most productive microbusiness in Timisoara in 2019, and today we are on our way to obtaining ISO Quality Certification according to European standards. We’re expecting you into a modern space, in which we honour every medical procedure by strictly following protocols of any intervention, from initial consultation to surgery.

Our services include

  • Treatment plan, cost and time evaluation
  • Travel plan – access to hotels and travel facilities in partnership with iSmile Dental
  • Airport shuttle
  • Free transportation to/from the clinic
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Medication 
  • Translator 

*Patients can opt for a tourist guide and choose different cruises, events and activities to which we will facilitate access

What you’ll need in order to make a treatment plan

  • Blood tests
  • Cardiology tests
  • Overall medical condition evaluation
  • Medical certificate attesting that the patient is fit for surgery
  • Panoramic or 3D radiography

We hope to offer you an unforgettably pleasant experience. Your smile is worth every bit of our attention.

iSmile Dental

Clinical Cases

E-max dental veneer

Zirconium crown

Zirconium crown and dental veneer

Individual implants and ceramic crowns



iSmile Dental Services


Dental implantology and oral surgery


Cosmetic dentistry


Orthodontic treatment and braces


General and pediatric dentistry


Megagen Classic Implant€470 
Bredent Classic Implant€550 
Megagen Implant with immediate loading (implant + temporary abutment + temporary crown)€670 
Bredent Implant with immediate loading (implant + temporary abutment + temporary crown)€750 
Overdenture with caps and 4 mini implants + definitive overdenture€2700
Fast&Fixed System 24h (4 implants + temporary fixed bridge)€3700
Fast&Fixed System 24h (6 implants + temporary fixed bridge)€4700
Zirconium crown€300
Ceramic E-max crown€350
E-max dental veneer€450

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