Implantology / Dental surgery


A patient with one or more missing teeth is affected by appearance which makes him feel self-conscious. Function of the mouth and ability of the body are also affected, and on a long term, his entire lifestyle. Moreover, his self-esteem.

A patient leaving our clinic satisfied and grateful is what brought our team together. At iSmile Dental, we share the same values and goals. On a journey to a good outcome, we plan our every move carefully, knowing that our work meets the highest of demands to fulfillment.


Regain your self-esteem.

A happy ending always follows a courageous decision.


Titanium implants

Replacing the root of a missing tooth or molar requires the insertion of a piece into the bone. The titanium fixture is then left to osseointegrate before the crown is placed.


Immediate implant placement

The time-saving version of an implant is the one which allows immediate insertion. You won’t have to wait in between sessions of extraction and actual implantation.


Overdenture on mini implants

This procedure is addressed to patients completely lacking teeth (fully edentulous). The small fixtures (mini implants) are designed to be inserted in an insufficient amount of bone. This allows patients to leave our clinic with fully functional dentures.


Fast and fixed system

This revolutionary method is for patients who lack all of their teeth, and implies painless insertion of implants and denture application in one day. Immediate extraction, implantation, and immediate prosthetic procedures can be done within 24 hours.


Titanium abutment

The abutment is the support on which the new tooth rests. They can be used for any type of implant restoration as they are highly durable and functional.


Zirconia abutment

The root of your new tooth can be made of zirconia, being just as reliable but more appealing, since it allows a brighter shade of colour for your new tooth.


Bone grafts

Some patients may have jaw bone resorption, and then, in order to insert an implant, augmentation is needed. It can be done in one session or in stages, depending on the patient’s health condition, following several months of integration.


PRP stem cell therapy

Genetics provides an answer for dentistry by harvesting cells from the patient’s blood and injecting them where needed. Thus, tissue regeneration is obtained in order to later insert implants.

Advantages of a dental implant

➝ It’s not at all painful

➝ Grants comfort and self-confidence

➝ Provides durable, aesthetic and fully functional results

➝ Your teeth will require low maintenance

➝ It’s not a complicated intervention

➝ Provides protection for neighboring teeth

➝ It allows you to chew easily and properly

➝ Grants access to various tools (floss, interdental brush) for good hygiene

Guided surgery


Digitally guided implantation is the modern alternative to traditional techniques. With the help of state-of-the-art medical equipment, the intervention is carried out with maximum precision, improving the aesthetics and the quality of the medical act. It is the most modern, safe and less traumatic technique of oral surgery based on the action of ultrasounds.


✓ Extraction takes place quickly and painlessly

✓ It is easy to perform

✓ Post-operative swelling is considerably reduced

✓ Healing takes place much faster

✓ Doesn’t damage the gum

✓ The post-operative pain disappears entirely

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