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Combining dedication and experience, we come up with the best treatment solutions for our pacients. Claim your personalized smile design which suits your needs, put together by a team of young professionals. Completely pain-free.

Simple or complex, we take any task seriously, as it is for you.


The ideal solution for replacing missing teeth, regardless of the reason which lead to their loss. Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime but rely on the patient’s overall health.

iSmile Dental Clinic

CONTACT: +40 754 205 557

IMPLANTS: +40 737 530 570

Prevention must always come before treatment. We use the present to create a future for your dental health.

Confidence comes with a healthy smile. We’re here to make sure you enjoy the timelessness of this feeling.

Your smile is like a business card. Our doctors are the creators of a tailor-made outfit for your appearance.

Rest assured you are in good hands, starting from our first encounter, ending with your treatment schedule.

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