General dentistry



When you’re in need of a certain treatment, each step is important. We value our relationship with our patients from day one, from the very first step we take together into developing your customized treatment plan. For successful and long-lasting solutions, we make an accurate analysis of your medical record and create personalized treatment design, according to each patient, whether children or adults.

No treatment is too simple or too complicated.



Perhaps the easiest procedure of all, endodontic obturations are quick and easy to repair. Sealing means rehabilitation of the lack of substance in tooth structure.


Endodontic treatments

Endodontic treatment is a succession of therapeutic procedures designed to eliminate dental pulp infection and protect decontaminated areas from other microbial aggressions, mostly caused by untreated cavities.



Surgery is a non-invasive dental procedure consisting of removing bacterial plaque and dental plaque from the teeth, leaving behind smooth, polished and clean surfaces.



The non-invasive alternative of traditional dental whitening procedures, airflowing is used because it does not affect the dental surface chemically. Bicarbonated microcrystals interact with natural enamel creating the shade of white you desire.


Fiberglass pivot reconstruction

This occurs when tooth reconstruction can not be achieved normally. A pivot is used to reinforce the crown, strengthening its connection to the root in order to ensure a proper, long-lasting function.



Partial or full dentures may be an alternative to treating edentations (lack of one, several or all of the teeth) if, for various reasons, implant or dental bridges can not be attached.

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