Cosmetic dentistry


Healthy teeth must offer all the benefits: appearance, function and longevity. But without either one of these, there’s a pathway to dental issues which make patients uncomfortable. At iSmile Dental Clinic we can only accept perfect oral health, so we’ve armed ourselves with all the solutions.


We’re operating with modern, resistant and biocompatible materials that almost imitate the structure of the tooth, the patient can regain his smile and confidence.

Beautiful dentures are for everyone

Science has all the answers to our health problems.


Veneers (facets) are made in our lab and applied to the surface of the teeth. They improve the appearance of the teeth and the entire face considerably. They bring aesthetic improvements and also functional ones, correcting flaws such as: cavities, teeth position, broken teeth a. o.


No prep Lumineers

Hollywood stars made Lumineers famous and increasing in popularity. They’re made out of highly durable materials and applied to the teeth with ease. There’s no need to file or shape the teeth in advance, which is why they are called “no prep”.



This procedure is suited for patients with very few problems in the front area of the denture. Whitening can only be applied to natural teeth and the effect depends on their natural structure. As does the period of effectiveness, which can last up to 5 years, resulting in up to 3 lighter shades.


Dental jewellery

Dental jewellery are very fashionable and in high demand. In order to get a hold of attention, patients with impeccable teeth opt for even more shine. There’s no need for altering the tooth in any way, the jewel is glued in place.


Smile line correction

A procedure where microsurgery and dentistry combine, by removing the uncanny portion of the gum. The patient’s smile and face gain an entirely new look. In addition, the intervention is minimally invasive and has a role in preventing serious gum disease.

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