An effective treatment with excellent long-term results is the response of advanced technology for correcting aesthetic and functional defects. The incorrect position of certain teeth is fixed and all problems related to the mobility of the jaw and jaw joint become a thing of the past.

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Your denture is grateful if you treat it with care and rewards you with reliability

Metal braces

The most popular kind of braces, the metallic ones are the most affordable. It has shown excellent results for children and adults both. They are popular among teenagers because of the colourful brackets you can use to personalize them.


Ceramic braces

Thanks to their colour, similar to the person’s teeth, they are almost invisible. Just as efficient as metallic braces, the ceramic ones are a more modern version.


Sapphire braces

The sapphire device can be fastened through transparent brackets, making it invisible. This is the reason why its price is usually higher.


Lingual / incognito braces

If you’re looking for completely invisible braces, incognito is the answer. It is applied to the back of the teeth so that patients can keep on smiling with self-confidence. Modern technology allows good fixation and a pleasant aesthetics.


Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner makes it possible to align your teeth by applying a constant and controlled force without the need for brackets and wires. It is very effective and is not noticeable in the form of a transparent mold that applies to the dental arch.


Orthodontic retainers

Designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12, orthodontic retainers are mobile and can be worn both during the day and during the night. It is recommended that after the age of 12 children no longer use it, since it is no longer efficient.


Trainer for children

The trainer is a corrective device for vicious habits in children. It is easy put in and take off, soft and comfortable to wear, being part of the orthodontic interceptive treatment. Even after short periods of use, it brings excellent results.

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